Saturday, April 5, 2008

Changes in My World

For as far back as I can remember, nature was a part of me. I had no fear of its insects, snakes and critters large or small, although after a particular encounter involving some nasty spider bites, I learned to admire those little rascals from a respectable distance. I always assumed that things would stay the same. The same wildflowers would bloom every spring, the birds would return from their winter habitat, the lake and river waters would run clear, the bear and deer and bobcats would always be there sulking through the woods just out of eyesite, the coral reefs would live forever and there would always be bountiful amounts of fish in the oceans.
I was too busy to pay attention to the subtle changes that were happening.

It wasnt until '98, when my son gave me my first computer that I was capable of getting online and I joined a couple of messageboards devoted to talking about the environment, that I realized things could not stay the same. And once I started giving serious thought to it, I knew those changes had been happening right before my very blinded eyes.

The one thing I did pay attention to was the increasing cost of living. Talk about an elephant in the room, this issue couldnt be ignored and I attacked it head-on. I was determined to reduce those high electric and water bills.

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hombredelatierra said...

Hi Agnes,

My original comment was not printed for some reason. I congratulated you for starting the blog and offered permission to copy and post my "Pet theory being proven ??" thread (on EnviroWS). It might stir up debate. Anyway I wish you lots of luck with the blog. Let me know if I can help out.